Our next (first) real startup? - Episode 1

Back in 2009, just 3 years after we started our online agency Videri Concept we decided to develop a web-based software to monitor our business revenue and cost. As we had a professional ERP System we were able to connect to our real data in real-time. Nice!

3 years later, still using same ERP and still in love with our business cockpit, we decided to try something new. After years of E-Commerce and SAAS client projects we wanted to get our business cockpit to the next level and usable for other small business users like us... We started without screendesign, with no brandname and without any clue where this project was going to take us. Inspired by all those getting-real-like book, blogs ans articles we totally ran crazy and were stuck after 3 month... we had totally undervalued the complexity of the project and underestimated the noise of our main business.

In mid 2014 we finally where happy with the code-base, architecture and planned featureset. Now we are still developing - each day from 7am to 9am and 6pm till open end - writing help text, coding tests, setting up accounts, getting legal stuff done and trying to make the first few steps with our first real startup with SAAS background. We are very excited as the first customers found their way into the service! They are signing up from all over the world. let's see how they use it...

Stay tuned for further updates or get in touch for more...

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