Setup my favorite Flat Theme in Sublime 3

I will show you how to setup my favorite sublime theme.

Favorite Sublime 3 Theme

First of all you need to get Sublime Text 3 here and install the package manager Package Control.

To do this just ...

  1. Open View > Show Console in Sublime
  2. Enter the following command

Install Package Manager to Sublime Text 3

import urllib.request,os,hashlib; h = '7183a2d3e96f11eeadd761d777e62404' + 'e330c659d4bb41d3bdf022e94cab3cd0'; pf = 'Package Control.sublime-package'; ipp = sublime.installed_packages_path(); urllib.request.install_opener( urllib.request.build_opener( urllib.request.ProxyHandler()) ); by = urllib.request.urlopen( '' + pf.replace(' ', '%20')).read(); dh = hashlib.sha256(by).hexdigest(); print('Error validating download (got %s instead of %s), please try manual install' % (dh, h)) if dh != h else open(os.path.join( ipp, pf), 'wb' ).write(by)

After complete installation you need to add the Numix-Theme, and Dayle Rees Color Themes to your Sublime installation. To do this hit SHIFT + CMD + P to open up the Package Manager.

  1. Type install package
  2. Type Numix
  3. Select Numix from the list and install by pressing return
  4. Type install package
  5. Type 'Dayle Rees'
  6. Select Dayle Rees Color Schemes from the list and install by pressing return

Next go to your User Preferences File in File Sublime Text > Preferences > Settings - User.

Add this lines to your User Settings (just paste it in)

    "color_scheme": "Packages/Dayle Rees Color Schemes/sublime/solarflare.tmTheme",
    "font_size": 12,
    "numix_sidebar_tree_large": true,
    "theme": "Numix.sublime-theme"

Done. Have Fun.

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