The 10$ Challenge - Flowers for a Purpose

The 10$ Challenge


What is it all about?

Thanks to Stacy and Adam from Platform53, me and my co-workers got a great challenge. The opportunity of spending 10$ to anything we want. Our contribution must at least affect one other P53 member positively.

My Idea: Flowers for a purpose

So, flowers are always a good thing. But, I want to give my co-workers and myself the opportunity to tell a story, say thank you to someone, or just to get awareness of a topic they want to spread the word.

So, here it comes... Somewhere at P53 is this new flower vase you may have seen if you're a co-worker over here. The vase has a sticker on it to post little messages (or notifications as DJ said) on it. The message can of course include a QR code. So, in my case I put the link to this article into a QR code and a short version of this link below.

For future application, me and my coworkers can post a message there and put new flowers into the flower vase. So this awesome place gets even more awesome and everyone can tell a story.

Your post should contain ideally a link to a page, a QR code if you like, and the initiator of the post.

What you can do in short:
* say "Thank You" to someone
* get awareness for a topic you like
* spread the word for events or services you offer
* be creative and post whatever you want

That's it. If the current flowers starting to shrivel get a new one and spread the word.

Let's go,

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